Mix Tape – I Just Wanna Pump…You Up

mix tape

In an effort to tap my creativity, I’m doing activities in a book called The Steal Like an Artist Journal by Austin Kleon. One of the first pages I stumbled upon suggests making a mix tape for someone who doesn’t know you. And I thought, “Wow, I could turn this into a blog, even for my friends who do know me.” Just like when I was kid, I couldn’t fit all my favorite songs onto one tape. So I’ve created a series of mix tapes, grouped by themes. To maintain a healthy variety, I’ve tried to pick only one song per artist/band. Otherwise, you’d be seeing playlists with a ton of Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Here for your listening pleasure is the first installment in the Coughing Bison Mix Tape Collection, titled “I Just Wanna Pump… You Up.” For various reasons, each of these songs ignites my ambition.

“Spirits” by The Strumbellas

“Enter Sandman”
by Metallica

“Glorious Domination”
(Bobby Roode theme song)

by Imagine Dragons

by AC/DC

“Back in the Saddle”
by Aerosmith

“Kill Your Heroes”

“Desperately Wanting”
by Better Than Ezra

by David Banner & Kermit Quinn

“Best of You”
by Foo Fighters

“Paradise City”
by Guns N’ Roses

Iowa Fight Song

“Rusty Cage”
by Johnny Cash

“Cult of Personality”
by Living Colour

“Kickstart My Heart”
by Motley Crue

by Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats

by Pearl Jam

“Under Pressure”
by Queen & David Bowie

by Rage Against the Machine

“Love Rollercoaster”
by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Hold On, I’m Comin'”
by Sam & Dave

by Shocore

by Sugar Ray

“Life is a Highway”
by Tom Cochrane

(Cochrane’s rendition is the best version of this song, in my opinion)

“Pork & Beans”
by Weezer

by Young the Giant

“Interstate Love Song”
by Stone Temple Pilots
(This is my favorite song of all-time. Scott Weiland wrote it about dishonesty and heroin, but to me, it’s a reminder of road trips and good times.)



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